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Dad's House


12 oz | Whole Bean

After many trials, we developed this blend that is now our staple style of drip brew. Dad’s House will be brewed daily at our retail walk up window, and will tell our customers who try it what our style of quality and roasting is really all about. We will adjust this blend to accommodate in-season coffees so it's always freshly harvested and roasted daily.

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Variety: Various
Harvest Period: Blend of current crop washed and natural coffees
Process: Natural & Washed
Tasting Notes: Lime sweetness, cherry fruit, apricot

Choosing the name for our signature house blend didn't take long. Our family is close, and no matter the time or day, Dad always either had coffee already made, or some sweet new single origin or blend he'd gotten his hands on that he was just dying to share. Now we get to share the passion Paul has nurtured over the last three decades in this unique blend, that you can in turn share with your family and friends - not to mention enjoy yourself!

We spent a lot of time developing this blend - after all, it's going to define our style and character being our first primary blend ever! We don't take our blends lightly - we've incorporated a very special South American coffee into it, along with both of our stellar single origin Ethiopians. The character is smooth, sweet, and viscous, and has a slightly fruity, subtle coffee cherry aroma and finish. This blend will change slightly throughout the year to accommodate in-season coffees so that it is always freshly harvested and roasted, however the integrity of the blend will remain the same - a beautiful, sweet-and-subtle coffee that is a pleasure to drink.

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