Ethiopia Gora Kone

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Ethiopia Gora Kone


12 oz | Whole Bean

This is the “rock star” of what quality coffee is all about! We are excited to introduce a phenomenal Ethiopian coffee, produced in Sidamo at the well-known Gora Kone washing station in the region of Arsi. Roasted on the lighter side to preserve its natural cherry fruit taste, blueberries and juiciness are the two words that experts often use to describe this standout. If you want to experience a coffee that expert cuppers consider to be extraordinary, you need to try Gora Kone!  

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Variety: Mixed heirloom
Altitude: 1900 - 2050 meters
Harvest Period: November - January
Process: Fully washed
Tasting Notes: Lime sweetness, blueberry, apricot

Of course we are all about stellar qualities, and this coffee fits right into the use of those words. The Gora Kone washing station has 700-800 small growers who grow their coffee among wanza and acacia trees, offering suitable shade to their coffee trees. During harvest season, these growers contribute their day's cherry pickings from their small holder farms (averaging around 3 hectares in size) to the washing station for immediate pulping. Although Gora Kone produces both fully washed and naturally produced coffees, this particular coffee is fully washed.