Our Mission

Our mission at Thornton Family Coffee Roasters is to share our experience with coffee lovers in the city we love in the form of a fantastic cup of coffee. We work to create a sustainable business for our family, friends, and the local community we live and run our coffee business in.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading premium specialty coffee roaster, through retail and wholesale channels, in Southwest and West Portland and the West Portland suburban areas. We want to present a hand-crafted coffee culture to these areas, reflecting Portland’s well known unique cultural reputation for great coffees and foods, and expand this reputation into suburban areas. We want to put West Portland and Thornton Family Coffee Roasters on the map through practicing, fostering, presenting, and educating innovation in coffee. We want our family business to grow, prosper, and exist with our future generations. 

Our Values

We’re scrappy. We don’t always look pretty, but we get the job done and clean up well. 

We are honest and respectful to each other, our friends, and our customers. 

We put our customer and employee safety above everything else.

We take our business and our customer’s business seriously. We strive to find a mutually beneficial collaboration, and find what all of us need to improve and grow our businesses.

We want our consumers to rave about our products, so we work hard at getting it right every time. 

We never compromise quality and work hard to protect investments in qualities we buy and sell. 

There is an entire world of people trying to make a living growing coffee, so we respect and support the continuation of coffee producers of all qualities.

We care about our coffee grower supply chain so we work with them to understand their challenges, and help them to create solutions. 

We are dedicated to sustainability, food safety, and the wellness of our supply chain and customers.

We know a lot, but we have a lot to learn. We believe when we stop listening, we stop learning. We consider everyone’s point of view and work to understand them. 

We grew up in the local community, understand its challenges, and find ways we can make it a better place to live. 

We foster a sustainable business spirit with our coffee growers that includes reward for their use of sustainable practices and extended quality of their product

We care about our local activities and sports programs. We are dedicated fans of our local professional sports teams. We love our Portland Timbers and Portland Trail Blazers. We participated in our local youth sports programs ourselves, and continue to participate through our own children.